BenefitDriven Announces Benefit Administration Platform Relaunch

TROY, Mich. – October 21, 2022 – We are pleased to announce the relaunch of our benefit administration software solution, BenefitDriven, directly to the Taft-Hartley community. Our comprehensive, cloud-based platform is highly-automated with data and information flowing automatically between all modules to support the full range of benefits that fund offices and third-party administrators need to manage.

“With the creation of a new Software Division with dedicated support resources, BeneSys is returning to its roots as one of the original suppliers of solutions for self-administered Fund Offices” said BeneSys CEO Ed Wolyniec.

The BenefitDriven suite of technology services includes:

  • Eligibility
  • Claims processing
  • Contributions, collections, and reciprocity
  • Health reimbursement accounts
  • Pension defined benefit
  • Pension defined contribution
  • Supplemental unemployment
  • Vacation fund processing
  • Self-service web portals
  • Mobile app for participants

“BenefitDriven is an unstoppable solution for funds that are looking for a highly automated, accurate and efficient software solution,” said SaaS Sales Director Kristin Geesey, who joined BeneSys in June. “The acquisition of Beacon SpyGlass in 2021 has uniquely positioned BenefitDriven to be a first-class, end-to-end platform across the multi-employer benefits ecosystem.”

BenefitDriven is backed by our experienced team of industry professionals who are committed to providing the highest level of service, along with the best technology available, to make our clients’ work more accurate and efficient.

Serving over 220 funds across the nation, we understand the priorities and needs of the Taft-Hartley community. We designed our easy-to-use, secure solution to help fund offices put the focus where it belongs – providing high-quality service and care to your members and their families. For more information about the suite of BenefitDriven technology, contact Kristin Geesey at