BenefitDriven Provider Portal

Modern, Self-Service Provider Portal Debuts

BenefitDriven’s newly enhanced Provider Portal is better than ever. Aimed at engaging providers and granting real-time access to claims and eligibility data through a modern, device-agnostic user interface, our Provider Portal streamlines administrative tasks by offering simple, straightforward access to everything a provider needs:

    The Provider Portal gives registered users the ability to perform self-service functions such as managing the connected tax ID/NPI pairs to their existing user record; verifying eligibility and claims; and submitting secure inquiries.
    Eligibility Verification
    Providers can easily search eligibility details for a patient they’ve seen or submitted claims for. The provider can view details regarding patient information and demographics, other insurance, primary care physician, plan documents, and real-time accumulator snapshots with graphical progress.
    Claims History
    Providers can search for claims submitted under their linked NPI and tax ID numbers. The easy-to-use interface puts all the necessary claim information at their fingertips. Providers may open the claim in a simplified view for further analysis.
    Secure Messaging
    The Provider Portal makes it easy to send an inquiry or message regarding a patient’s eligibility or claims. Messages are sent in real time to the BeneSys Customer Service team for review and response. The Provider Inbox allows users to open prior inquiries, upload additional attachments, see the responses received from the Customer Service team, and submit a reply message.

    Our state-of-the-art login process is backed by strong multifactor authentication for secure access to the website. Rest easy knowing the platform delivers a highly secure and compliant environment for your providers.

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