How you benefit.

Easy + Enjoyable is designed for administrators, by administrators. It offers a ton of innovative features, but most importantly, it makes your job easier. The applications are uncomplicated, and the graphic interface makes it – get this – fun to use. Finally, there’s a software solution intuitive enough to take the hassle out of your job without adding a headache.

Location. Location. Location.

We know the importance of having a support team within reach, which is why our system uses state-of-the-art technology to make it web-accessible. Think about it: What better location for support than right at your fingertips – 24/7/365?

Trust + Reliability

They are, after all, called trust funds, so you certainly wouldn’t want to use an untested system to manage them. Through service excellence and innovation, we’ve provided the highest quality benefit and fund administration for over 25 years. Because we know people’s lives depend on it, you can depend on

Intrinsic Value

Let’s face it: The days of spending obscene amounts of money on “iffy” solutions are long gone. was designed with your bottom line in mind. It’s competitively priced. It’s fast, flexible and efficient. It’s built to make your job easier and optimize your benefit dollars. Period.


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