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How do you get started?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1

Call us at 877.923.6379  and ask to speak to our sales team about your software needs or request a quote. In order to learn more about you we'll ask some questions. Things we’ll ask you, for example, may include:
  • Do you have numerous CBAs?
    • How many employers contribute
    • How many members participate
    • How many and what fringe funds are governed by those CBAs
  • How is your healthcare eligibility status calculated (initial, continuing, reinstatement)?
    • Do you allow self-payment for healthcare benefits
  • Do you have a defined benefit pension plan?
    • How are your benefit options calculations defined
    • How are your history calculations defined
  • Do you have vacation benefits?
  • Do you have a defined contribution pension plan?
    • Do you allow loans

Step 2

We’ll then schedule an initial demonstration of, our benefits administration system, either onsite or via the Web will show you how we can meet your needs, and give you a chance to see our system and ask questions about how you can use it, how it works, and what the output looks like.

Step 3

After any follow up discussion or demonstrations we’ll provide you a total solution for your benefit administration needs! In our proposal we’ll tell you how we will transition you from your current system(s), how we’ll support you in the future, and what other services we provide that can help you! Call us and share information about your plans.



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