So, how does the benefits administration software solution work for you? In a way that no other solution can. Here are just a few of the highlights:

It’s easy to get up-and-running quickly

We will convert your data and implement the application in about four months. (This includes initial training.)

It puts you in the driver’s seat

Because is so easy to use and understand, many plan changes can be made by your staff; or, if you prefer, we can make these changes for you – on your schedule, not ours.

It generates appropriate output… automatically

Forms, letters and reports are automatically generated for convenient printing and distribution; reports and output for vendors can be automatically, and securely, delivered directly from the system.

It provides flexible and robust reporting capabilities

Numerous reports are pre-built so that end users can run them; custom reports can be generated for specified users who wish to create their own reports.

It’s typically deployed as a managed, hosted application

There is a local installation of software on your end users’ PCs, with data that we securely manage – this saves your staff time, effort, hassle and complexity and your organization money; however you still have the option of managing the databases yourself.

It’s HIPAA compliant; and it can help you with regulation compliance

As you’re probably starting to realize, is much more than a software system. It’s a full-on support team, at your service all day, every day.